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EGSRantis  [developer] Sep 16, 2013 @ 6:46pm
1.75 Patch Notes
1.75 - Getting READY for workshop
* Added new level - Sandy Springs
* Internal updates that mean steam workshop beta (soon.....) wont crash non beta people when they play with them
* Added proper gun lighting - they wont look as flat any more
* Updated TwitchTV SDK - no functional changes but fixes some internal Twitch issues
* More gun rebalancing - when workshop releases old guns will be forced to update
* Added dummy player to shoot at in firing range
* Added load/save of color palletes in gunsmithing
* Added RGB values for colors in gunsmithing
* Fixed blurry ironsights in CTF (about time too... this bug has been lurking a long time - nice job Kelby)
* Fixed 0 radius explosions not doing any damage to players or vehicles
* Fixed random hit markers appearing when vehicles are destroyed
* Fixed tracers (nobody wins the prize for noticing they were missing)
* Removed Smoke from muzzle flash
* Bouncing Bettys no longer explode on impact with person, Frag Grenades do.
* Vehicles don't activate your own bouncing bettys
* Moving backwards no longer shows melee animation with your gun
* Modified some editor keys to use modifiers to prevent accidental usage - see controls document
* Thicker and more contrasting block outlines in gunsmithing
* Improved crash logging on standalone servers
* Fixed proxy issue where some ISPs dont let users call our backend (Just for you Lucho!)
* .... and probably several other bugs and issues too small to list here.
Guncraft > Patch Notes > Topic Details