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EGSRantis  [developer] Oct 10, 2013 @ 1:43pm
1.77 Patch Notes
1.77 Crashes, tweaks and ready for rebalance

[[Included in steam 1.76 patch but new for non steam people]]
* Fixed startup crashes when workshop files you are subscribed to are missing
* Fixed stencil file crash if you are in spanish language
* Light block outlines in gunsmithing now appear
* Full Screen mouse now works 100% of the time after you enter settings screen

[[New for 1.77]]
* NEW MAP: 2Fort from TF2 (yes with full permission)
* Officially licensed TF2 weapons to go with the TF2 skins
* Visual recoil - and its an option choice on custom guns DEFAULT=OFF
* Craftys in firing range now hold your gun and show the 4 main animations
(So you can see how stupid it looks when your truck gun 'reloads')
* Size of cursor and offset included in foundry
* New font
* Updates to enable gun rebalance
* Elevator blocks are not destroyable
* Several startup and other crashes.
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