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Darknuke  [developer] Aug 10, 2013 @ 2:21pm
Why there are no "Video Options" (and there never will be)
The other major complaint we're seeing a lot is the lack of "Video Options." (not to be confused with resolution)

We don't have them because there's nothing to change. It would be like asking for video options on a 2D game. We draw from very similar artistic components. We don't have gigantic resource heavy models, ULTRA high resolution textures, or insane shader effects and shadows. We simply have small textures that go on each block (which are procedurally generated), very, very low resolution textures on the models themselves, and zero complex shaders. We literally can't get anymore simple than that.

So guys, please stop asking for this feature. There's nothing we can change that would merit a "Low, Medium, and High" graphics setting.