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MeMyself 2013年10月4日下午2:56
Bug Reports
In this page we can discuss the bugs that we find in this game.
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MeMyself 2013年10月4日下午5:56 
*Recently found bugs: There are some colliders missing in the silo, exactly where you must press that red light button. Also, the "Press E to start" screen will take some time to respond. Another bug is the one that Slenderman spawns in an area that has wired fence around it, you escape and close the door. When you will look back, slenderman will be traped in the area and you will be able to see him without taking any damage, thanks to the fence colliders.
最后由 MeMyself 编辑于; 2013年10月9日下午3:46
Rhunael 2013年10月4日下午5:58 
I can't get out of the Green Inn. Slenderman keeps popping nearby just outside, and despawning because I can't see him, but repopping. And if I get too close to a wall he'll gewt me through the wall because of proximity to him. If I'm lucky enough to make it outside, he'll pop directly behind me and get me due to proximity.
MeMyself 2013年10月4日下午6:03 
*Note: It is just fine if Slenderman spawns behind you, but he has one limit for every two minutes. The Unity engine has one issue that allows every object to randomly switch it's collider on and off, if it has more than 5 animations working at the same time. Slenderman has 7. That's why he can pass through walls, and he can spawn almost everywhere.
最后由 MeMyself 编辑于; 2013年10月9日下午3:46
|EKKi" 2013年10月4日下午6:29 
Yeah Ive had problems with the generator not being a solid object, I cant press the red button, and I can walk through it.
Blackmetalwolf 2013年10月4日下午6:38 
stuck on the table or tree behind the car at the start. and several freezes and crashes
K1A.KiTFoX 2013年10月4日下午6:39 
I've found a bug with stairs that cause me to stuck just by accidently walking to its edge and my reccomend is to fix the range to take objects because to take pistol clip in green inn force me to jump and get stuck
buzze828 2013年10月4日下午7:15 
I found the box were the caracter writing commes from... (well is text bubles) Its behind im to the rigth. When he talks we can see it across walls. Its not really important, but i did see it from 1/4 of the map. I only saw a weird tiny white thing apear and followed it to the spot. Maybe make the walls thicker or something to block it from passing.

Other bug I got slendy to spawn when I cross the front door but i actualy got stuck in the door. Geting jammed when your actualy starting and see im for the firts time...
|EKKi" 2013年10月4日下午7:17 
jumping on top of the wodden fences causes you to get stuck on them. and the chair behind the starting car.
MeMyself 2013年10月4日下午9:03 
*Recently found bugs: Jumping on some fences can make the player stuck on them or even the game crash cause of the half-finished colliders.
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MeMyself 2013年10月4日下午9:05 
Recently found bugs: You can't interact with the most of the available choises in-game.
2L84U_PWND 2013年10月4日下午9:10 
Recent found bug: If the player climbs to a high place like the lookout tower, they can jump from the top, land and survive *I tried this and landed perfectly on the ground then continued to play*
MeMyself 2013年10月4日下午9:12 
*Recently found bug: Normalmaps are not working properly with the flashlight.
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MeMyself 2013年10月4日下午9:14 
*Note: Everyone can reply on this discussion so we can help ParanormalDev improve the gaming experience. If you have found a bug that is not listed here, please report it.
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MeMyself 2013年10月4日下午9:23 
*Reminder to ParanormalDev: Using C# and Javascript together in the same object or it's childs can cause these functions not to work. This is another issue of Unity3D, that many people have noticed. We really like your game, especially it's graphic details, that are awsome for a Unity game.
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MeMyself 2013年10月4日下午9:33 
*Recently found bug: You are almost unable to interact with an XBOX controller, just because the game is not configured for it. Just like using your old Webcam on your new Windows 8 computer!
最后由 MeMyself 编辑于; 2013年10月9日下午3:50
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