Conor Feb 21 @ 4:22pm
Am I supposed to have a 3D PC or something??
Why is everyything red and green and double like am watching something without 3D glasses at the cinema?
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Greed Mar 1 @ 6:24pm 
There should be a setting to turn it off
LOUxCIFER Mar 16 @ 10:43am 
Same problem looks 3d changed some settings still 3d ish
dg Mar 29 @ 6:36pm 
does anyone found a fix for it?
Lithurge Mar 30 @ 2:11am 
If you've got an Nvidia card make sure enable Stereoscopic 3d is unticked in the Nvidia control panel.
♦Spidey♦ Mar 31 @ 4:15am 
I switched that off I came away. Looked at my PC and my moniter and everything was in 3D.
I'm going to the hospital later. I'm slightly freaked out.
Flo Apr 3 @ 9:10pm 
3D Brille?
Foxysen Apr 3 @ 11:26pm 
It's actually some kind of camera effect, that developers decided to use just... well... because they like it this way. (Saw a post from developer somewhere in these forums)
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