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Nemesis-489 Sep 20, 2013 @ 2:23am
New Game+ and Beyond
How much does the enemy AI level continue to advance to? From the looks of it their level seems to double with every new game. This screwed me over pretty hard in NG++, I didn't think they'd become so powerful.
You guys don't think they'll become impossible later on do you? The only reason I wanted to keep playing was to get an edge later on and destroy the castle on whim. Now I'm getting screwed over harder than when I first began.
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The jump in difficulty from NG+ to NG+2 is huge, but then it kind of stabilizes. I'm on +9 and I don't really see any difference from, say, +5.
Skirlasvoud Sep 22, 2013 @ 2:15pm 
Amen Tripoteur,

I was wimpering at NG+2 and browsing the web for ways to get back to NG+1 without restarting everything. If I could just run the dungeons a few more time, get some cash, without dying at the first three screens...

Even in NG+2 I eventually wizened up and managed to buy at least one upgrade per run. Kinda pathetic when those runs amount to killing just 10 monsters, but the handful of cash was good enough to eventually get better and manage.

By the way, the bosses are almost laughably easy compared to the common NG+2 dungeon. Getting to the bosses, THAT's the challenge. Hitting the waypoint, THAT's what's costing me 10-20 lives. Sometimes it even depends completely on luck. Some rooms NG+2 rooms are insurmountable deathtraps, while in another life its tough but fair.
The bosses themselves however? /shrug
Give me two tries.
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Pnume Sep 22, 2013 @ 2:43pm 
The enemies level doesn't double. Rougly it goes up 100 levels. The Dungeon Boss was lv 520 in NG+5.
Up until NG+5 it was fairly easy. In NG+5 only the Dungeon Boss gave me troubles.

You need to have reached certain stats levels before going to the next playthrough. Otherwise you'll need alien's skills.

It might be to late in your case but in NG+ you should try to max out your damage per second if anything else (Max Damage, Max critical rate and ma critical damage). Try to get the Slayer cloth before going to NG+3 but it is not strickly necessary. Don't waste gold on defense up until NG+2, it is much more efficient to go for damage. Once this is done NG+ and NG+2 are very easy. In NG+2 max out all your stats. It doesn't take long. My runs were between 20000 and 90000 golds and I don't do nimble.
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