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Tips For NG+2 and Beyond?
Im currently on NG+4, and does anyone have any tips? The only way i even got that far was by using assasins and barbarians and rushing rooms instead of fighting. The game is so stupidly difficult at this point its not even fun. More than 2 mcribs in a single room and youre pretty much done. The other classes are too weak health wise to use effectively. Does anyone have tips?
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rpgamer987 7 listopada 2013 o 21:00 
If you've bought out the upgrades, and purchased every rune and piece of equipment, there's only a few really viable options.
You can continue trying to clear as much of the castle as you can every run, but you'll likely hit a very thick wall. Stat boosts can maybe help, but there's not a lot for it but skill, and even then, the game gets very unforgiving.
You can ignore all that and start boss rushing. Bosses don't jump in difficulty very much, so it becomes possible to continue climbing the NG+s. Progress can be made, but it can get boring/tedious/repetative.
Or, you can just make a new profile and start over. With the skills you've aquired, it can be enjoyable to see just how easily you can make it through the castle now compared to the first round.

Other than that, replayability is limited.
At that point you've bought/found everything, so you're not really meant to fight trash mobs. It's all about assassinating bosses (which sadly gets repetitive, fast).

All that's left for you to do is get better at avoiding enemy attacks, I guess... and sadly the Assassin and Barbarian King have "crutch" abilities that don't let you do that.

If I remember correctly, I'm on NG+10. I mostly used Spellswords to get there. They're fantastic, you just have to dodge a lot.
Still Insane 9 listopada 2013 o 11:44 
I'm nearing the end of NG+2 and am still missing a few pieces of equipment. The best way to keep grinding for those was to use a couple of Grace runes. It lowers the difficulty by quite a bit.
Aeon 12 listopada 2013 o 7:57 
im at +5 atm and im just playingseplunky for achievment :D i try to kill everything as i want the challenge.
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