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Punti May 11 @ 1:44am
i just bought the game and wondered, how to save!
i googled and read about an autosave function during the game...
but that doesn't worked for me!
every time i start the game, i have to start from the beginning...
saveslots are empty!!
can anyone pppplllleeeeaaaassseeee help me!?
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deliverything May 19 @ 12:17pm 
For me, quitting from the pause menu saves, while just shutting the game down doesn't. Maybe this's the problem?
Punti May 21 @ 10:37am 
i got it!!! starting the game direct from the steam-libary (and not with the deskop-link) worked for me!!! yessss!
Punti May 21 @ 10:38am 
PS: sorry for my bad english...
Dark Reality Jun 7 @ 2:35pm 
No, quitting from the pause menu doesn't save it either.
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