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Strummer Nov 5, 2013 @ 2:11pm
AI very quick on Mugello
I had a very hard time getting on the pace at Mugello (Moto3, "Hard", Semi-Pro). A perfect lap for me was 2.04:xx in practice/quals, Meanwhile the AI was running 2.01s. A 2.04 got me 16th place on the grid for the race, The race pace was, as always, slower, but I still managed only 8th over a 10-lap race.

The record lap mentioned in the track stats in-game is 1.57:xx. Wha? In Moto3??

I'm just curious about other peoples' experiences and interested to know how the developers go about setting the pace for AI. I can generally do well both in quals and in the race on "Hard" on most tracks as long as I push hard and minimise mistakes. At Mugello, however, I found the AIs' pace to be a bit beyond my abilities...
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snu_snu Nov 10, 2013 @ 9:13pm 
I haven't tried Mugello yet but I wouldn't put too much stock on the AI's or track record stats. I only race MotoGP, Realistic AI, Pro w/ no rider aids, manual gears, manual tuck, and helmet cam. I don't set the fastest lap times, especially considering I only use helmet cam and my reflexes aren't as sharp as they used to be, but having played SBK 2011 and Generations, I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two along the way. I hope I don't have come off as an arrogant prick as that is not my intention. I don't get to play too often due to work and school but my strategy is as follows:

Set aside 2 days. Usually it comes down to about 50-100 laps of practice (first third is learning the track with the trajectory (much faster to learn a track that way, and it sucks not having ghost in time trial), then the trajectory goes off and 2nd third is trying different bike settings and learning appropriate gears, and last third is to get in a few practice races which is when I usually learn the most. Bike settings are critical (I've only changed the gearing so far though), as are TCS settings. I tend to vary the gearing and TCS settings depending on the track and just use the one that achieves the fastest lap times during time trial (trial and error) and use that for the actual race.

Tips for the race are to focus on your own lines and braking markers rather than getting tunnel vision on the rider in front of you and forgetting about your markers, although when practicing you should adjust your lines to better coincide with the AI's in order to better avoid collisions which also means being cognizant of riders behind you because this game actually does a good job of the AI attempting block passes. And if you do collide, you'll have a better chance of not crashing if you are not fully leaned, fully on the gas, or fully on the brakes. Practice both racing lines and block/passing lines.

Kudos too you for doing 10 lap races though. I tend to sabotage myself for the longer races as my attention span can't seem to handle the pressure! 30 lap races, I can last about 20. But then 10 lap races, I'm only good for about 5. 3 lap races, I'm good for 2. Tell me how that works, lol.
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Strummer Nov 10, 2013 @ 10:47pm 
My procedure is much the same as yours; I take it seriously and actually "train" for races in just about the same way as you do. I run semi-pro with semi-automatic gears, not because I want to cut corners but because there is a limit to what my hands can do under duress on a gamepad. Like you, I fine-tune gearing, which is certainly necessary at Mugello, which is all about acceleration out of sharp corners rather than high speed in the straights. Only by refining my setup was I able to qualify 16th and finish 8th on Hard at Mugello in Moto3. At Catalunya, by contrast, after tweaking the gearing, I can qualify in first place every time on Hard, I'm one second faster than the fastest AI. I always switch TCS to "Off"; I don't think it penalises you, even in rain, but so far I've only raced Moto3. This is my first bike sim, although I have a lot odf experience in 4-wheel racing sims.
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snu_snu Nov 11, 2013 @ 8:13am 
Maybe it's different for Moto3 and riding style definitely plays a role, but being a late braker and aggressive on the throttle guy in MotoGP, I find that sometimes higher TCS settings can make the difference between a few seconds. Other times no TCS works best.
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