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Pancakes Jun 10 @ 9:55am
Can't see multiplayer servers.
I can't see the game servers cause the game master wont refresh them.
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Nice Little Kitten Jun 10 @ 10:00am 
search the forum
Mandrake[Duck] Jun 10 @ 10:20am 
Ok, the reason why you can't find servers in-game because the master server was shut down years ago. Instead, you need to find and connect to servers using the Steam client's Server Browser. Click the View menu, then select Servers to bring up the Servers popup window. Click the INTERNET tab at the top-left, click CHANGE FILTERS, then click the drop-down menu that's next to Game. Scroll down until you see The Ship, then select it. This will filter out all the servers, apart from those running The Ship. Go ahead and add them to your favourites!

This guide has lots of pictures to help you:

You can also add servers to your favourites directly by going to these two websites and copying the IP addresses:
Then open up the server browser, click the FAVORITES tab, click ADD A SERVER, paste the IP address and click FIND GAMES AT THIS ADDRESS.
Pancakes Jun 10 @ 3:03pm 
Thank you Mandrake[Duck]
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