Legendary Death 2012 11 月 18 @ 4:45上午
not loading help
it loads up to valve and stops
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เจ็บจุงเบย 2012 11 月 18 @ 10:51上午 
Try deleteing local contents from right-clicking on the game's name.
Try re-installing.

Tell me if it works.
ÐeNiiØ9 2012 11 月 19 @ 6:15上午 
I have the same problem.
No, re-installing doesn't work. My firewall and antivirus are disabled.
Please help ...
JonParmesan 2012 11 月 19 @ 6:48下午 
ya smae here i deleted local game content and reinstalled but it didnt work...
The Wind 2012 11 月 20 @ 6:25上午 
Don't worry, got to your c drive then program files or program files x86 depending on storage. go to steam then steamapps then your name, then got to counter strike source. delete folder and try re launching this will autimatically install all of the default files but will erase any different custom files you may have downloaded. cheers.
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