LordPhoenix Feb 28, 2013 @ 5:19am
TeamXxplosive (steam group teamXxplosive) recruiting. please read
since 2000, i have sponsered and ran some of the best clans in cal-m and cpl, (when it existed). all my teams were ranked high, (2 were top 10 in cal-m, 1 was top 20 in cpl). currently seeking cs:s and/or cs:go players for a new clan i am opening. open to other competative games. MUST USE IRC!! must have knowledge of irc and ventrillo, and be a regular cs player. i pay for ALL servers, (game and vent), esea memberships, and any other league related expences. clan membership is structured in ranks, with 4 enlisted and 4 officer ranks. all clan business is based on popular voting, NOT individual members, (this includes me). i need at least one enlisted to oversee vent and irc channel. this is a ground floor opertunity to get into what i hope will be anather future top ranked clan, the first 2 new EXPERIANCED members in all of the above listed qualifications are giving the top ranks. in my clans, friendship and teamwork are most important. your gaming abilities are not. id rather have 10 poor players that are willing to work together then 30 top pros. weather the team getts into the playoffs is not as important to me then haveing a good closeknit team. afterall, were here to have fun. if we win championships and matchs is just a bonus. irc channel is #Xxplosive, Steam group name TeamXxplosive, or send me a message here.

Date Posted: Feb 28, 2013 @ 5:19am
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