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Sw1tch Feb 1, 2013 @ 7:12pm
World of Warcraft (NOT WC3) CS:S Mod
Have you been looking for a new game mode for Counter-Strike Source? Look no further!
Check out some pictures of the mod in action here

WoW mod is a fun and exciting FPS-MMO mod that fulfills that gear progression and stat progression everybody loves in MMO's. While also giving you the feel of Counter-Strike! We also host Boss events every Saturday @ 8:00 EST and Sunday's @ 4:00 EST which gives you the chance to get rare gear and a lot of experience. With 7 classes to choose from ranging between warriors if you're looking to tank everybody or do tons of damage (Subliminal LoL reference). Or burst somebody with mage while blinking to their location to finish the job. Or if you like supporting your team and healing, we have that too!

So you've picked your class now you need to level up, find gear from healing/killing people and assign stat points! WoW mod offers a configurable stat system so you can customize your stats to your liking! We also host monthly tournaments if you have a taste for competitive play with awesome prizes!

Getting Started: When you first join the server you have to pick a class. To do this type 'wcmenu' then press 5 to choose a class. Once you gain a few levels you will have stat points to spend. To do this type 'wcmenu' then press 4 and take a look at what stat points are required for the gear you'd like to equip. I recommend not buying gear until level 52 (It goes fast!) That way you can get the whole 52 shop set. After you've gained some levels and spent your stat points, you're ready to buy some spells/skills. You can do this by typing 'wcmenu' then pressing 5 then 4 to purchase new spells. To use them set them up on your spellbar in that same submenu. Bind your key according to what number you assigned the spells to. (Ex. bind key "spell x") After you've done this you'll be well on your way to owning noobs!

If this sounds appealing to you check out our server at
And register on our forums at for updates and news!
Date Posted: Feb 1, 2013 @ 7:12pm
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