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Dead State H4CK3R Achievement - All Passwords
by SwissArmyKnife
A complete list of all the passwords used in the data encryption system in Dead State...
Достижения (RUS)
by SmoLife
Вступайте в наш паблик в VK
Dead State Locations Map and Tips
by ExHippy
A guide to the weapons, armour and allies available in Dead State with a map of the locations and a few hints and tips....
A few tips for beginners
by Autumnflame
Basics of play and tips for new beginners...
Dead State Guide & Map
December 19 v. ** WIP ** ...
Dead State H4CK3R - Data Item Codes
by [SAP]CommanderA
A short list of the codes for the data items found throughout Dead State. This is not a guide on where to find the data items, but rather the codes that unlock them....
Building a Molotov
by beefpua
Build a Molotov 1. Before building a Molotov, you will need to obtain Parts and Gas. Several locations on the map offer an abundance of both. 2. When items have been located, seek Shelter in a timely manner. 3. Place both items into the Storage Shel...
How to edit item attributes in Dead State
by starfuryzeta
This is a step by step instruction on how to modify attributes of existing items in the game Dead State....
Dead State Walkthrough, Tips & Updates
by DoctorSanchez47
Dead State Gameplay Walkthrough - FIRST LOOK EARLY ACCESS DEMO - Will include Live commentary and also a review about the stages of the game and updates! Hope you enjoy this new series and if you like this content please be sure to hit that 'Like' button ...