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LineLiar Nov 13, 2013 @ 8:10am
Unofficial Game Dev Tycoon Mods Site (ModSpot)
Unofficial Game Dev Tycoon Mods Site

What's this?

We would like to get your attention to something we have been working on for the last days. We have set up a team of people which are addicted to Game Dev Tycoon. With the compatibility of Mods added to Game Dev Tycoon we wanted to make a site, where every mod can be viewed. This project has now been made to reality. We introduce you the first Game Dev Tycoon Mods site.

What can I do there?

The site is set up in a way EVERYBODY can use it. When you go to the site you will get a homepage. You will have to register before you can do anything, except browsing through it. After you registered you're able to go on the Forum, where you will be able to discuss about mods or promote them. We also have a chat where you can chat with the other people on the site.

The unique thing about the site is that you can UPLOAD your mod onto it. Everybody on the site will be able to see your mod in a simple list with filters. You will be able to find the mods you would like to add to Game Dev Tycoon. If you're interested in making a mod and getting it on the site, you can upload it without needing to have a special rank.

I can't see my mod?

On the internet there are many people that want to spread viruses. We don't want this. You can upload your mod on the site, but have to wait for an approval of one of our staff members. This means it can take a bit of time before your mod shows up on the site. We will approve your mod as long as you have no viruses or files which can get (personal) information from anyones computer. Any virus or malware will not get a place in the modslist.

Is there more?

We have more! You can communicate with other members through private messages, can contact each other for collaberating on a mod and much more. Please consider joining the site and use the convenience we can give you.
The site

Where to find the site?

You can join the site just by going to this link: You only have to register on the site and you can do what you want, except for some basic rules ofcourse.


@dillion345 for coming up with the idea and getting people together to make the idea reality.
@Gold to be one of the first people with having interest into helping.
@DzjengisKhan for helping and contributing.
@AnimeAi for setting up the site for free and helping us out with technical problems.
@LineLiar for helping and contributing.
Xero for guarding the chat.

Please join the site and support us. We would love to see you there!

The Game Dev Tycoon Mods (ModStop) Site Team
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Soloeus Nov 13, 2013 @ 8:22am 
Very tempting, only problem is I don't want more account waste all over the place.

What do I have to install for them to work? That is, I click what appears to be application files but they give me an error message. Maybe if I can at least get the stuff opened so that I can "work" in it, then I would be happy to check out the website because I might have something to offer it.
LineLiar Nov 14, 2013 @ 8:02am 
You have to go to the 'Mods' section. Click on the mod you want and then click on the modname at the top of the thread. It will download the (most likely) .ZIP file. For the rest, it's just the same as all the other mods. No special application needed to make it work.
LineLiar Nov 14, 2013 @ 10:01am 
The times are later in 42 year mode so you have to wait longer.
The modding capability has only been available a short while. Im sure all the kinks will get worked out eventually :)
Chasbris Nov 15, 2013 @ 11:51am 
Great site!
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