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Jamiedodgey 2013年9月29日 11時00分
Can someone explain to me what the ♥♥♥♥ kind of exit this is?
http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=181666387 Wtf man, how do i reach this place with NO bombs?
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Radioactive 2013年9月29日 11時56分 
That can happen on very rare occasions. The generation algorithm tries to make sure that the path to the exit is clear, but sometimes it derps out a bit.
Jamiedodgey 2013年9月29日 12時22分 
Jamiedodgey 2013年9月29日 12時22分 
Im calling that the games fault, no offence
Dest 2013年9月29日 23時40分 
It's the normal Jungle exit.
Jamiedodgey 2013年9月30日 6時05分 
Its not normal, spelunky is supposed to be able to reach the exit without using any bombs or ropes unless you screw up, i didnt screw up, i was stuck in a boxed in room with no exits.
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lexilogo 2013年9月30日 10時23分 
Most of the time, it's caused by structures (eg beehives/tiki traps), because the game generates the normal terrain, making sure the path to the exit is clear. Then structures come in, and they don't really care.
Twinge 2013年9月30日 20時59分 
I once had this for my Level 1-1: http://i.imgur.com/XiPKMRY.jpg

It is a bit unfortunate that the generation bugs out rarely. I don't really mind such occurences outside the mines, though - due to tiki trap generation and the like it's not too rare you'll need a bomb/rope to get by anyway, and that seems fine to me.
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