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Sempiternal 30 ott 2013, ore 23:10
framerate issues
very new to steam, not quite sure where to post this. tried restarting and updating steam with no success. problem still continues.
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illgib 31 ott 2013, ore 9:26 
What are your specs and your ingame settings?
Try to disable Adaptive Vsinc and lower or disable SSAO, it's very demanding.

I suggest to find the best sets for your pc, to max out everything, then lower one step backward at time, test, step back, you'll find the best balance between visual and performance.
snowball 2 nov 2013, ore 3:58 
I got quite powerful rig, and game still is quite stuttery. Those things helped me (nvidia system):
* Ingame vsync off (both vsync and adaptive one)
* main_settings.cfg file (Documents\Amnesia\Pig) - change LimitFPS to false
* Nvidias control panel - Vsync: on, Tripplebuffering: on, Power Management Mode: prefer maximum performance
vince8787 1 apr 2014, ore 4:24 
What about AMD Radeon?
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