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Peats 2013年12月12日 7時04分
I bought this when it came out, but the game crashed whenever i exited a level during the loading screen for the next one. Had to lower the graphics to solve that issue, it seemed lots of users were facing the same problem... but again, even on low settings the game would crash now and then during loadings. Has that been fixed is it still a thing?
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illgib 2013年12月12日 9時17分 
Have you updated you drivers?
Peats 2013年12月12日 9時34分 
Yes, Frictional also suggested doing that, but I still could not get past the loading screens.
illgib 2013年12月12日 9時42分 
What your Hpl.Log say? Post it here.
Peats 2013年12月12日 9時48分 
i have no idea, i should reinstall the game first... i'll just assume there were no updates and that it's something in my system that made the game crash. But thanks anyway!
illgib 2013年12月12日 17時13分 
If you post your Hp.log we can track what's wrong.
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