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Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

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Leeleethebunny Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:12am
Mechanical Issues with Machine for Pigs [spoilers]
This game's story actually wasn't terrible. What was terrible was the game's base mechanics. You are given the ability to run, jump, touch, carry and crouch. Unfortunately these mechanics are barely utilized and never in a way that allows the story to truly reach its audience. Once I finished the game, I had a /lot/ of story related questions. Big ones. I felt the note finding mechanic allowed every detail of the plot to play as equals when something like "it smells bad I am trying not to retch" and "as it turns out I AM the guy on the phone" are absolutely not equal. This meant that the larger plot moments fell super short and that later in the game I realized too late that I probably should have been paying more attention to the walls of terrible font-choice notes.

A big big BIG problem I had with this game is the lantern system. It flickers when there's a threat, that part is well done. But sending me into a level that is literally full screen #EEEEEE blackness and telling me to A) not run into this giant pigman, B) find this ridiculously hard to see even with the light hole in a railing, and C) navigate the pitch blackness is legit not fun. I was never at any point scared in that level, I was just painfully frustrated. You want to have a dark level, you need to give me combat so I can fight the crap that finds me. If you don't want combat (which this series REALLY doesn't) then give me even the slightest light. I want to see the level design, because the emmersive experience is the entirety of this game.

Why did I have the constant ability to pick up and turn over chairs? I wish they took the time that they used to program that and make some neat cut scenes. The ripping out hearts scene was really well done, I wish there were several more.

That. Font. Though. PLZ.

I don't know, I'm curious if the mechanics bothered anyone else and if anyone else felt like they didn't get all the nuances of the pretty neat story the first time around.

Date Posted: Mar 31, 2014 @ 12:12am
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