Clan Wolf Mar 5, 2014 @ 11:09pm
The Title should of read, Amnesia: A Shortage of Content
Say what you will about this game and the like/dislike comparison to the first. I dont know the full reason, chineseroom went with this. But i bet it had to do with funding, Frictional Games were acting as publishers to chineseroom on this one, they made some money over their highly successful a dark descent.

However i doubt it was enough to fund a full content game, with bigger story and more voice actors to pay for along with everything else that game development costs. n with SOMA development for frictional to work on i guess they made some decisions. oh well still a better horror game than mostly anything else there esp at the time, i suppose the hype over it was a bit disappointing but still higher quality than most things.

It did have a feel of a bit of budget cuts that you came to inspect from the first amnesia
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