mhammer321 Jun 22, 2014 @ 10:01pm
stuttering problems
So i just picked the game up on sale and right off the bat i get this massive stuttering, which ive read lots of people had problems with. I have an I5 4670k at 4ghz and a 770. Does not matter where the setting are or what the vsync is set at, i get these massive almost like 2 second long stutters. I have seen threads on this, so sorry for beating a dead horse, but all the links on the threads are dated and dont work or just lead to no where. Im still kind of confused on how to solve it. Alot of the threads i read said this was a sound file issue, but i was not able to narrow the problem down. i would really apreciate any tips, and pls, i have played the original Amnesia and am very well aware of how this game is different so dont tell me how it sucks and i shouldnt buy it and blah blah. I personally want to play it to check out the story and environment and exploring, so any help in getting this game to work is apreciated. thanks