mytomanen_bre Aug 24, 2014 @ 1:44pm
Was this game really a worthy sequel? (SPOLER ALERT)
So i just finished A machine for Pigs, and i can't help to feel a bit.. cheated? The gaming hours content was almost pathetic compared to The dark Decent (i finished TDD in aprox 8h and AMFP in aprox 4h) and the puzzles was a hoot compared to TDD. The story wasn't as immersing as with TDD, as you find papers filled with long sophisticated text in almost every corner, not to mention the journal being written in with almost every corner reached of the game. I was aprox 3h in the game, and i sat down, launched it and thought to myself, i'm not a big fan of scary games since my heart rate is rushing and it's a huge stress moment for me personally, but lets go! I was really pumped up, and i got through the electro-pig sort of boss battle with the two switches in the big pump whatever room, and i was really hyped, and i continued and suddenly.. roll credits? What the fudge? Have i missed something? Did i get the "early ending" by mistake or something? Nope, this is it. I really LOVED the part when the man-pig hybrids got let out in the city and the horrid screams of innocent people echoed throughout the small community but this game was way too short.

In conclusion: Was A Machine for Pigs really a worthy sequel to The Dark Decent or was it just a "hyped up fan base money making" half finished rushed project by Frictional Games?

Question: Will there ever be a (known) DLC to this game, or making custom maps available? Because this game left me with nothing but the feeling of "this was it? This was the super hyped sequel to the ever horror genre defying game the dark decent"?

PS: Sorry for any spelling errors.