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Peterdens 27 feb om 8:48vm
Bait and switches
im having problems finding the second one of the 3.
Any one know where it is?
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Peterdens 27 feb om 8:49vm 
BTW i mean the switch...
Darth Cannabis 27 feb om 9:10vm 
I think the 2nd one is right outside the watchpost, (one of Vitori's Client Jobs,available after chapter 5) and you may not have acess to area until deeper in.
Peterdens 27 feb om 9:34vm 
[PP] - Fr4gHunt3r 7 mrt om 1:00vm 
Check this video if you have truble locating the switches: Thief - Bait and Switches solution
1-4 van 4 reacties weergegeven
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