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Amujala Oct 7, 2013 @ 8:08pm
BUYERS BE WARNED! The pie is half baked. Tasty, but incomplete.
This is a great game with so much potential for sequels and replays and challange modes and user-submitted maps. BUT BE WARNED!! The following advert should be read BEFORE playing the game and possibly before you purchase.

1) Read the controls. Try strafing and using the hold command before you do anything else. There is no indication that these exist unless you go into options (which, sadly, I did not do).

2) Go read the wiki. I hate spoiling games by reading wiki articles about it but in order to know what half of the in game pick-ups actually do (potions for example) you will NEED to read about it and there is no literature in-game. Potions are scarce, and trial by drinking seems inneficient.

3) This game uses and ancient eldritch save formula. In order to identify which is the saved game you desire to load you will have to consult the Oracles of the Evernight and provide them a blood sacrifice for their wisdom. But seriously, every save file uses the identical naming mechanic which is "STEAMNAME - DATE - TIME AM/PM". Since the game autosaves at checkpoints and stairs, every game will now occupy a slot in the convoluted matrix of saves. You will often find yourself asking whether you last played your ranger 06_10_2013 8.31.33 PM or was it perhaps 28_09_2013 11.31.42 AM. Oh, nope, that was your Warlock. No, you cannot re-name save file. No, you cannot delete save files

I recommend creating a written legend for when you last saved each game to know which is which for quicker loading. If you enjoy this process I urge you to play "Saved State Manager" coming to steam in 2014.

4) This is perhaps the most important of all the points. IF YOU WERE HOPING TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER, DONT COUNT ON IT! The muliplayer function here is flimsy at best. It works sometimes...and then it doesnt for no reason other than because F** you that's why. You might spend 3 hours trying to adjust any number of firewall settings and router protcols and accomplish nothing (as I have). You also might just create a game and a friend might join and you'll say "cool, now lets play the game. Yay!". But the game is fickle. It lures you in by working so that later it can deprive you of ever returning to that moment 5 hours into the game which you and your compatriots had worked so hard at arriving at.

But wait there's more! You might look on the web to find solutions to this problem. There are none. There is no help for you. No developer suggestions. Nothing. There are a number of proposed "fixes" but many of these require a knowledge of computer and internet systems that, savvy as I may be, I simply do not possess and it is truly an elitism to say that "you must be this educated to play our game. Bwa ha ha ha".

Even following the online discussions, the efficacy of these procedures are as the roll of the die. If the game suddenly starts working it likely had little or nothing to do with whatever button you just pushed. The game is toying with you. It wants you to think you are in control, but this is an illusion.

5) The paladin class is totally boss. You dont really need anything else. You might think "ooh, warlock sounds like fun" but that's because you are naive. When you have run out of mana and your paladin is corner-choping wave after wave of baddie and healing himself you will want to start a new game...as a paladin.

I'm not saying don't buy the game. This is, as I have said "...a great game...". But if the above problems seem daunting, you might consider waiting for an update to these issues or doing some homework beforehand. On a final note, the co-op problems have been an issue since sometime in August so dont hold your breath.

Game on.
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