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Myran  [desenvolvedor(a)] 13/set/2013 às 13:29
Patch Notes for 1.1
  • Added a new level which is a survival level. For this map you need to survive wave after wave of enemies while harvesting money from crystals and then fight a boss at the end.
  • Added two new achievements for beating the boss on the survival map on medium and hard difficulties.
  • Added a statistics screen which collects data about damage done, enemies killed, damage taken, deaths, pickups taken, distance moved, breakables destroyed and mana used.
  • Changed the ending score to use the new metrics which are collected for the statistics instead of just using the money each player has.
  • Added pickups which permanently improve the players, these only spawn in the survival map for now, but can be used in custom levels.
  • Added a new customizable AI type for people who make custom maps.
  • Added a new cave theme for the survival map which can also be used in custom maps.
  • Breakables can now drop multiple items, this is only used in the survival map for now, but can be used in custom levels.
  • Custom maps can now open the end screen.

  • Game over screen now fades in over time instead of immediately pops up.
  • Editor should now work better on Windows from the Steam directory.
  • Actor tower_tracking_1 no longer crashes the game when used in a custom map.
  • Damage from the warlocks lightning storm now scales properly with combo being active and damage potions.
  • Several crash fixes.
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Doctor Ragnarok 13/set/2013 às 13:57 
A good first step, I'll have to try out these new features tonight.
PixyJunket 13/set/2013 às 14:58 
Awwwww.. kills from the survival level really should count towards that hostile two hundred and fifty thousand kills achievement. Otherwise, looks good so far, I may give the survival level a local co-op run later tonight.
Varnor 13/set/2013 às 15:06 
Cool to see a patch. I do hope we see more (and longer) campaigns, the game is extremely reliant it seems on fans making content right now
Titanium Carrot 13/set/2013 às 17:23 
Kavex 13/set/2013 às 19:17 
Very cool myran
HikikomoriGamer 14/set/2013 às 5:00 
Thanks a lot for your efforts guys! :)
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Der Erloeser 14/set/2013 às 5:26 
Achievements still do not work.
PixyJunket 14/set/2013 às 5:48 
Escrito originalmente por Der Erloeser:
Achievements still do not work.

The new ones?
Der Erloeser 14/set/2013 às 10:33 
All, at least with Linux x64.
Myran  [desenvolvedor(a)] 14/set/2013 às 14:07 
Theres nothing I can do about the Steam API for Linux x64, Valve hasn't released it yet. It should work if you run it in 32-bit though.
IceXuick 14/set/2013 às 15:05 
Der Erloeser 14/set/2013 às 16:37 
Escrito originalmente por Myran:
Theres nothing I can do about the Steam API for Linux x64, Valve hasn't released it yet. It should work if you run it in 32-bit though.

9 Sep 2013 Steam Client Update Released


Added support for 64-bit games to the Steam Linux Runtime

Doesn't this mean, that the Steam API for Linux x64 has been released?
Myran  [desenvolvedor(a)] 14/set/2013 às 17:18 
That.. certainly looks like it should be fixed then, but there has not been a new SDK release and this issue has not been resolved: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/2722
I'll email my technical contact to see what that means.
Vanic 14/set/2013 às 18:48 
Can we save yet?
♫ Wile E. Coyote ♫ 15/set/2013 às 2:49 
I hope the acheivement thing gets fixed eventually, the game is great otherwise, ...damned friends think their better than me with their shiny acheivements... (any other Linux user having issues with an xbox controler? the r1/r2 buttons won't work, this is a problem that only happens with certain games.)
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