eptyucof 15 oct 2012 à 15h13
seeking partners
hi i am seeing partners for heretic/hexen gaming.
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vonofthedawn 20 oct 2012 à 16h06 
i have heretic and hexen. just the regulare versions though, incase that means anything. you looking for co-op?
eptyucof 20 oct 2012 à 23h12 
ya i am, my skype is praniuntoadsquad
vonofthedawn 21 oct 2012 à 21h03 
ok dumb question: how exactly do you play multiplayer with these old games? i just got these a couple days ago. used to play them back then. id love to play multiplayer with somebody but i dont know how to do that. think you could help? if not thats fine.
everamzah 3 nov 2012 à 23h09 
you should use a modern compatible client such as zdoom/gzdoom. the original DOS .exes are a little.. antiquated.
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eptyucof 7 nov 2012 à 13h44 
well who is interested?
breadfan 18 nov 2012 à 21h32 
@Yerkon You can play MP/Coop through Gameranger.
Lee 20 nov 2012 à 17h32 
I can do Heretic or Hexen on Co-op since I never really got into the competitive scene. I've got Zandronum as well as Gameranger. Hell I can even Dosbox these.
eptyucof 25 nov 2012 à 22h57 
Lets do it, praniuntoadsquad is skype
FreyjasChosen 22 mar 2013 à 1h50 
I am also interested in playing through any id Software game on coop. Add me!
Jaysmack 23 mar 2013 à 18h48 
So.. when I bought this based on the description that is was multiplayer.. wasn't that false advertising? I presumed I'd be able to launch multi through Steam or something...
Very Ape 20 avr 2013 à 12h29 
I am using Zandronum add me, It's so hard find people to play these
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Very Ape 23 avr 2013 à 18h25 
and Zandronum is the best you're gonna get so far, in terms of multiplayer/coop for doom/heretic
xfragitall 2 août 2013 à 16h36 
I can't figure out how to start a server, and whenever I try to join one its says the wad files dont match. I have Zandronum but still no dice.
Vhan 3 août 2013 à 1h11 
i was playing with skulltag, will try Zandronum... at least the last update was recent.
floccipocci 9 août 2013 à 9h24 
xfragitall a écrit :
I can't figure out how to start a server, and whenever I try to join one its says the wad files dont match. I have Zandronum but still no dice.

I think you were trying to join a game that has mods. They are using additional wad files (PWAD) on top of the "Vanilla" wads (IWAD).

Either the above, or you were trying to join a Doom game?

Did you use the Doomseeker launcher bundled with the Zandronum package? It should be able to search for PWADs and download them when you try to join a modded game.

In my experience so far, Zandronum engine has the most number of available servers and people playing compared to the other doom ports, and seems to be the most stable for online multiplayer games.

The other engines are good for SP, or when you want better graphics I guess when you play SP.
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