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[1.2 VIDEO GUIDE]The Ultimate Beginners Build: The Double Searing Bro Totem[HC/SC Viable]
by LiftingNerdBro
In this Path of Exile Forsaken Masters Ultimate Beginner Build Video I will show you a build that is very cheap, very easy and very powerful compared to the price it costs to make it. This is the ultimate Path of Exile Beginners Build!...
[1.2 VIDEO GUIDE] Les Bo The Kitchen Blender 2-Handed Double Strike/Vaal Cyclone Build[HC/SC Viable]
by LiftingNerdBro
What's up my exiles!? This is my official thread for my "Les Bo The Kitchen Blender" build. In this thread I will cover the most basic requirements of the build. To get a more detailed explanation on how the build works and needs to be set up, check out ...
Basic Terminology Guide (from
by Barack Obama
Simply a lot of common shorthand used in PoE, see the website here:
"Easy" Guide for the Specialist Achievement
by Azure Fang
With the use of a "throwaway" Scion build, this achievement can be unlocked in 18 levels or less!...
[VIDEO GUIDE] Path of Exile Forsaken Masters Beginner Build: The Carpet Bomber, Fireball Witch[HC and SC viable]
by LiftingNerdBro
This guide will introduce you to The Carpet Bomber Fireball Witch. This guide is suited for beginners to Path of Exile, as it requires no specific expensive uniques or anything. This character is able to farm end-game content with good clearing speed. ...
Pasif Yetenekler ve Açıklamaları
by Anthoriel
Dünyanın ilk ve tek tamamen Türkçe Path of Exile pasif yetenek rehberine hoşgeldiniz. Bu rehber sayesinde hangi pasifin ne işlevi olduğunu öğrenebilecek, böylece karakterinizin pasif yetenek ağacını daha bilinçli bir şekilde geliştirebi...
Dual Searing Bond Marauder (MF / HC optionas)
by White Spirit
I decided to post this guide as it may help new players to get into the game if they have trouble building a powerful character on their own. Searing Bond is a great skill for that....
Poradnik PL - wprowadzenie do craftowania i skilli
by kanthall
Podstawowy opis kamieni wypadających z przeciwników oraz używanie skilli. Jak je używać oraz do czego służą?...
The Path of Exile Survival Guide - Full Game Walkthrough with ZiggyD
by ZiggyD
The Path of Exile Survival Guide is a full walkthrough aimed at taking beginners not only through the game's quests but also through gear progression, character building and efficient farming techniques. It's an ambitious project based on over a year's wo...
Noperative's General Guide to PoE (Beginner Guide)
by loaf the bread lord
A (hopefully) thorough explanation of how to get through this tough game, If you'd like to view the original source my guide can be found of Path of Exile's forums here ....