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[VIDEO GUIDE] Path of Exile Beginner Build: The Carpet Bomber, Fireball Witch EB, AA [HC and SC viable]
by LiftingNerdBro
If you are new to Path of Exile or simply doesn't have a lot of currency, then this build is for you! The below information is taken from my PoE forum thread: Link to video:
Namtro's ambush 12k Spectral Throw/ 53k Double Strike Ranger
by ortish
Namtro's Spectral Throw Double Strike Ranger This character was very effective in end game maps. I used it in the beginning, middle and end of the 4 month ambush/invasion league, as well as playing in the 2w and not dieing with it, was in the top 200 p...
Dual Searing Bond Marauder (MF / HC optionas)
by White Spirit
I decided to post this guide as it may help new players to get into the game if they have trouble building a powerful character on their own. Searing Bond is a great skill for that....
Beginner's guide to Path Of Exile (POE)
by obladi-oblada
Farming Currency with low gear characters v.2
by Schulz Dy Hippie jewish terroris
Farming in Path of exile can be hard and complicated to get due to the game complex attributes system and economy. Yet there are ways to farm currency without needing high cost items and that's the magic find way...
Game Basics For Beginners
by jaxhi
Basics and Mechanics Guide
by Chicken Nugget
The basics and in-depth mechanics of the game, explained in great detail. Explains the core functions and interactions of different parts of the game as well as the hidden equations and in-depth interactions between statistics and modifiers. The game does...
Inventory Management & Item Evaluation Tips
by sad bear
New players often get bogged down dealing with the given inventory space. Which items can safely be ignored, and which are actually deceptively valuable isn't necessarily obvious. In this guide: what you should keep, and making informed crafting decisions...
[FR] Guide du Débutant par ExServ
by ExServ
No Stone Unturned
by Teliko
Image-accompanied detailed guide on obtaining the achievement "No Stone Unturned"....