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life leech vs life gained on hit?? cyclone build
I have a cyclone build, whats going to be better at higher levels??? I am thinking the life leach gem due to better scaling but I do not know because cyclone is a low damage attack but lots of them..

currently level 8 life gained on hit gives me 20 hp, level 1 life leech gem gives me 5% damage~..

Anyone tested this stuff?? I'm only level 35 atm, and wana level the correct gem for end game
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I don't want to disappoint you ,but Cyclone sucks. :D Still life leech is better than life on hit in general.
Laatst bewerkt door BlackAdderBG; 31 okt 2013 om 13:31
depends on how much damage you do really, life on hit should be better for quite a while and is instant, where as life leach is an over time effect, it also caps(depending on passives and gear) at 25% of your health if i remeber right. but the healing can be made instant via a keystone passive at the cost of not being able to use flasks or regen
Life leech is always better IMO. However what can do is have a lot of health regeneration. Gears that give you a lot of health leech. Than use life gained on hit gem.

Do not take Blood Magic Passive. Instead go for Blood Magic Gem.
you can level both if you have them btw, if you have a spare red socket you can sit either one in it and it'll gain levels as you play whilst you use the other and you can swap out every now and then to test them
Cyclone has its uses. If you have less than 100% movespeed, as one example, you'll be slow enough to hit a target multiple times easily. You have to go out of your way to make a cyclone build work, making it less efficient than other skills.

The difference between Life Leech and Life on hit is that Life Leech gives it back over time, like a flask, and life on hit gives it back instantly. The rate at which Life Leech restores your health is 20% of your max health per second. Life Leech stacks up if you're leeching more than you heal between attacks, so there are cases of people healing from life leech long after a fight.

The Vaal Pact keystone makes life leech instant but makes life regen and health flasks not work.

Typically, for lots of hits(big or small, but still works with small), life on hit is the way to go. For one large burst, Life Leech is the way.

Many people have both for their builds.
Cyclone is a very good skill. It has it limitation early in the game but if you know how to build it right it is a very viable end game build.

There are two problems with Cyclone. Dsync which can't be fix. Spell cost which can be fix via VAAL Pack and high life leech. Most cyclone run immortal call.
Cyclone is suicidal skill,you not having control over your character while spining makes it not that viable.Still fun though.
Laatst bewerkt door BlackAdderBG; 31 okt 2013 om 21:42
I'm going to level both, anyone know if they stack? ie have one of each gems attactched to cyclone?

How does this immortal call work also? I didn;t think you got charges from cyclone, do Ihave to spec it??

I will also most likley take vaal pack at much later in the game, maybe 80ish when my gear is getting good, may even switch to blood magic gem instead of skill when my leach is better, but 200%+ more hp cost for the cyclone may hurt to much at this eairly stage
For a cyclone build it is mandatory to get VAAL Pact. You do not want want to use both gems. Either Life Leech or Life Gain On Hit. Blood Magic Gem is mandatory. Personally I get as much life leech gears as possible and not use Life Leech or Life Gain On Hit gem.

You don't need health regeneration with VAAL Pact. You also need resolute technique skill.

Immortal call is a skill gem. It make you immune to physical attacks. However you need endurance change to make it work. There are many ways to get endurance change. The most common way is enduring cry gem. Another way is use unique items like Ambu's Charge. With Power Charge On Critical (Ambu's Charge Armor) you get both Endurance and Power Charges.

The guy in this video probably use Power Charges On Critical with Ambu's Charge Armor Combo or/and Voll's Devotion with no VAAL Pact. He use two enduring cry gem.

With that said the number one defense for cyclone is to go through the mob fast. This prevent them from having a chance to swing at you. On the down side it limit how many times you can hit the mob.
Laatst bewerkt door Deadlylag; 31 okt 2013 om 16:43
Why is blood magic gem mandatory?? forgive my newbiness, but from what I see it will take more life from me using that gem than if I just skill into it??? Isnt that a bad thing?

I only use cyclone and heavy strike, just got into act 2 cruel now and im never dropping below 90% hp really and stuffs dieing fast.
Another mechanical flaw in PoE is resources. You will always have mana problems if you do not invest heavily in gear and passive points. In other words the mana curve in PoE is crap.

If you invest heavily in mana resources your defence and offence suffer. Blood Magic and Eldritch battery help migrate the problem.

In order to be effective you need to keep spaming your main attack. Without resources you can't do it. The problem with blood magic passive is it get rid of a resource, ie mana pool. That's not good. Blood Magic Gem bypass the drawback. Now both health and mana pool are resources.

So most players use Blood Magic Gem on their main attack. While Aura and secondary spells used the mana pool.

The most common use gem by far in PoE is Reduce Mana. In some build I run as much as 4 of them. The more you play the game the more you will understand that having a lot of resources to run your attacks/spells/aura is a good thing.
You can use a Cast on Damage Taken (1.0.0 new) gem and link it to enduryng cry, immortal call and molten shell for example. While cycloning, if you leave Cast on Damage Taken at level 1 unleveled, it spec charges and immortal call and molten shell almost each time you are hit, adn ytou dont need to stop cyclone and use the gems yourself.
Life on Hit gem is really good with Cyclone.

That said, i find cyclone builds still unplayable because of Desync.
just switch to life leech when ur 1k dps = 50hp per hit which owns every level of per hit gem
The biggest determining factor here is going to be your attack speed and move speed. I had a high level cyclone build (forced to respec cause of desync) and I had insanely fast attack speed. LoH was 100x better than life leech since it applies instantly.

But if you are planning on using a 2h weapon or having high move speed then go with LL.
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