Skyward Collapse
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Οδηγός επιτευγμάτων Skyward Collapse
by acesofspades
Πλήρης οδηγός απόκτησης των 80 πιθανών επιτευγμάτων. Δεν ασχολείται με την επίτευξη υψηλής βαθμολογίας. Το παιχνίδι έχει συνολικά 84, όμως τα τέσσερα τελευταία προϋποθέτουν levels 10, 11, 12, και 13 που έχουν καταργηθεί. Η απάντηση του αντιπροσώπου μετά α...
Using Zeus To Get Big Points
by Tom'o
If you're aiming for a big score, your game can get pretty frenetic by the Age of Gods. Here's how you can use Zeus to square up the battlefield, and gain points whilst you're at it!...
How I Got the Global Highest Score on only my Second Game
by Kiama
I came up with an approach to this game that obviously works pretty damn well: On only my second game I played on the highest difficulty in each of the three difficulty settings and as a result I got the highest global score of 4,331,460. As much as I woul...
Playing To Lose - A Competitive PvP Ruleset
by reth
Lets get something straight here, Red wants to kill Blue.. right..? And Blue wants to kill Red.. right..? So let them kill each other! This ruleset is a general guideline on how to convert the not-so-peaceful nature of the game into a PvP killfest for 1...
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