Asddsaasd Feb 1 @ 2:16pm
The game is too hard.
I got a level 16 party, doing act 2 and i got serious problems. I am trying to do Lost City now, but i am stuck at the enterance of level 3, where 4 ravenous ghouls come and oneshot my party, literally. In other forums guys said that if i have a problem there, i should start the game all over with a new party, lol. I neither have the time nor patience to do it, so i ask you what did i do wrong.

My party is

Defender vitality 60 might 33 expert axe, heavy armor,shield,endurance.

Blade dancer might 55 per 30 expert sword, medium armor, dodge.

Hunter might 30 per 50, expert spear,bow, dodge, endu.

Free mage magic 43 spirit 38, expert fire, master magical focus

With the best itmes from the stores of Seahaven. Is this a bad party? Or did i fukd up the stats and the skills?

Also I know that it is oldschool, but there should be a little more help with the quests, i mean that where are they. Most quests are: find X in Y place. OK. Where is Y place? It is not on my map ( the world map is useless too), and there isnt anything to help in the journal. I dont want arrows to point at the quest direction, but its not good like this. There should be a good world map atleast.

Sorry for the bad english.
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on fridays im a watermelon Feb 1 @ 2:23pm 
you ain't suposed to kill those ravenous ghouls till wayyyyy latter in the game, just go somewhere else then come back latter
Kriminaal Feb 1 @ 2:24pm 
Lost City level 3 is level 20+. When you are on level 2, there will be an entrance to level 1, level 3, level 4 and one that leads to the city. Skip from level 2 to level 4 and complete the quest. You will come back to level 3 at a later time to complete another quest (Darkness Shard and Crystal Spider Heart). Your party is fine, especially if you are on Adventurer. On Adventurer you can basically play any combination of classes :)
FireSight Feb 1 @ 2:25pm 
Yeah, everything you need for act 2 is on the 2nd floor, it's a bit weird that way. And then floor 4 is easier than floor 3 (seriously, a LOT easier).
Gremlin Feb 1 @ 2:26pm 
You lack healing, as far as I see. Lear light to expert on free mage to cast heals and decent celestial shields (having someone else with 1 point in earth for regen helps as well)

Second, don't rush the main quests. Try exploring, try reaching the western coast for example.
Yamboo Feb 1 @ 2:46pm 
If you are not playing on adventurer, you will have a very hard time later on. No healer, no tricks just pure damage won't work forever. But floor 3 is not intended for you now, just take the door to level 4 behind the boss.
Mahtasooma Feb 1 @ 3:29pm 
Ridiculously enough, because it's MMX, level 4 is WAY easier than level 3. That being said, go kill stuff somewhere else, definitely. Lost City Level 3+4 is level 20+ at best.
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