AhilE Jan 31 @ 12:07pm
Flute in Enigma Tower ??
what do i do wth the Flute ... quest item but no quest (fount on last level in the Tower)
thx !
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AhilE Jan 31 @ 1:08pm 
bump pls
n1x0r Jan 31 @ 1:12pm 
A lot of quests seem to only be gained if you have the corresponding class in your party. For example, the cursed crypt/Ruins can only be completed with the shantari disk if you have a crusader in your party. I assumed (in my playthrough) that this was one of these class-promotion quests.
GAME OVER Jan 31 @ 2:54pm 
well for one you have to go to band camp...
Hoden::Hein Jan 31 @ 4:19pm 
you can use the flute in a dungeon to solve a riddle. the dungeon is one of the dungeons north-east on the map
Furry Jan 31 @ 9:13pm 
u can also give the flute to a dwarf in seahaven, he well play some notes on it and hand it back to u
stromming78 Feb 4 @ 7:57am 
I got to use it once, for not much of a reward at all... was that it?
salty peanuts Feb 4 @ 8:42am 
You use it to open a door in the dwarven dungeon. If you're doing the runemage class quest you obviously need it to access the inner areas of that dungeon in order to complete the quest. Otherwise you could use it just to go in there for loot and xp.
ransagy Feb 7 @ 2:41pm 
I used it in the Sudgard dungeon, But it appears as relevant/usable in Seahaven as well. I talked to every person and entered every shop/house, but not one has dialog regarding the flute. Might be a bug/unfinished content.
Muzle84 Feb 7 @ 2:58pm 
Sorry ransagy, you may have missed the "artist" dwarf in SeaHaven. He only plays a few notes with the flute, nothing more. There is an interaction there, a useless one, but not a bug.
ransagy Feb 8 @ 11:53am 
Only if you have a Hunter, perhaps? Because i couldn't find any house/person on the street, night or day, to play it.

But since i finished the game, every dungeon, including meow, etc... not that important. Thanks though :)
sjpaladin Feb 8 @ 1:57pm 
He's behind the large outdoor bar-like desk, just to the right of the enterance to the city. I don't think it is much use, unless you have musical talent or exceptional pitch and can recognize the notes.
ransagy Feb 8 @ 2:00pm 
Oh, the dwarven artist. Must have missed him. Thanks :)
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