Giuli Jan 25 @ 8:33am
The Curse
Hey, I'm stuck on the quest called The Curse, where you have to decurse Crag Hack.. I can't seem to find the Crystal Spider in question.. I kinda cleared them all before I got the quest and never got a quest item.. can someone tell me where this godforsaken spider is in Yon-Chall Forest?
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Hoden::Hein Jan 25 @ 9:10am 
its not in the forest, ist in the dungeon which you can enter from the forest. (the dungeon with the 4 lvls.. lost city ?) i think she was on lvl 3 or 2

sry its german, but lvl 3 the room in the middle
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Giuli Jan 25 @ 9:23am 
ty man, I'll try to find it :D It kept saying Shatiri ruins.. I was in the cursed ruins etc. and all around Lost city 1-2 or something, didn't find it
Kryone Jan 26 @ 10:20am 
BTW, where do you find the Kaspar ? I can't find him :(
Giuli Jan 26 @ 11:39am 
Karthal slums, in the Hospice :)
tr1p Jan 26 @ 11:42am 
any ideas where i can find the Elven Toadstool?
Giuli Jan 26 @ 12:06pm 
in the Yun choll forest, it's some giant purple/yellow mushrooms almost at the entrance to the Church, where you get grandmaster light magic (west of karthal)
tr1p Jan 26 @ 12:08pm 
thx a bunch!
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