[FTC] Sepherchorde Feb 5 @ 4:30pm
WHy are these forums so dead?
Really, since buying this program (which I am extremely happy with) I have noticed a horribly low amount of community discussion. It makes me sad, really.
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Allegorithmic  [developer] Feb 5 @ 10:13pm 
Most people are actually talking on our forum or on Polycount. But I agree, it has been quiet for a while here :)
[FTC] Sepherchorde Feb 5 @ 11:22pm 
Thank you for the response.
DYSEQTA Feb 22 @ 7:05am 
Maybe everyone is busy using the program instead of sitting around here chatting about it? ;)
Benjamin Magnus Mar 5 @ 6:17am 
Considering that is a pretty niche program its not surprising. Most of the people on Steam are gaming and not game deving. The average gamer is not going to have any need for a texturing program.
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