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How to enter in the: BOY BAND SHOW
by † (VersuS) †
Ok, now i'll explain how to enter in the: ONE DIRECTIONAL NEW KID ON THE BACKSTREET SHOW...
HOW to: Unlock ALL the characters!
by ­­Δ Louna Δ­­
This is a COMPLETE guide on how to unlock ALL the characters....
Fist Puncher: Easy Level Up Guide
by RetroGR
I love me a fun beat'em up game. And Fist Puncher is a fun one, but leave it to my video game OCD to find a way to level up with a little time and farming. So I thought I would share my little tip with all of you just for the fun of it, enjoy....
Setup ANY controller to work with FistPuncher (To get Multiplayer Achievements)
by Surfix
Set up any controller to be recognized as an xbox controller , to play Multiplayer Fistpuncher(Keyboard + Your controller)...