Zz Doom Gaze zZ 2 мая, 2014 в 10:00
Mac Bugs: Glitching through blocks and other random stuff!
Okay, first off: MAJOR PROPS! This is my absolute favorite time-wasting game and it is now on my favored operating system, Mac OS, which means that it runs on my MacBook! I can play Super Puzzle Platformer anywhere I go (without resorting to Windows Bootcamp)! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RELEASING A MAC VERSION!!! You have no idea how much it MADE MY DAY to look at my Steam library and find this game on my list of Mac games. YOU ROCK!

However, the port didn't go off without a hitch! On semi-rare occasions, Platformer will glitch through blocks! It never happens when on the ground, but often happens upon landing. It's almost as if he 'misses' landing. It looks like the game only performs landing collision on the tops of blocks, so when this happens, depending on the layout of the board and the angle of travel, this only leads to missing the edge of a block and falling down to a block diagonal-or-below the missed block. Other times, this results in falling through ALL blocks and hitting the bottom of the level, causing instant death! Game works great 99.9% of the time, though so this is only a big deal when my score is a big deal. X_X

Other random Mac things: The game doesn't respond to Mac shortcuts like Command-Q, Command-W or Command-M! It'd be nice if we could get those shortcut keys back but this is by no means a "big deal".
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kimburglar 21 июн, 2014 в 17:28 
Agree with all of the above, gratitude included. Most of my glitches actually happen when playing local multiplayer—the game frequently lags and then players teleport across the screen, below blocks, and then sometimes the post-game stats don't appear. All works pretty okay in single player, though. My screensaver also turns on mid-game because we're using wireless controllers.

I'll probably primarily play the Windows version on my tv desktop, but hopefully this feedback is useful for the OS X port.
PusherBot 25 июн, 2014 в 4:09 
I am having the same issues with falling through the blocks on Mac OS. The game also takes a surprisingly long time to initially get past the "loading..." screen.
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