Mr_Shaky 2014年3月22日上午8:46
100% achievements before the patch. No new content except the glitch level.
I can't find this sadistic satalitte level that is supposed to unlock after getting all of the characters. I have all of them unlocked from before the patch, do I have to reset the game and unlock them all over again to get the new level?
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DJ Schway 2014年6月20日上午4:44 
Same here. 8/9 characters. No Sadistic Satellite.
frangry 2014年6月30日下午11:39 
Double check the mansion level for required jewels. For some reason I needed one more even though I unlocked everything before.
StraightFlame 2014年7月5日下午7:27 
Since when do you need all characters to go there? I could go there before even knowing how to unlock the cyborg.

(I don't know what unlocked it for me, though. I think it has something to do with the gems in the mansion stage, or defeating Beezleblock.)
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DJ Schway 2014年7月6日下午7:10 
Yeah, turns out that was the problem for me. I looked at the Mansion stage and only had like 6/12 gems or something. I assume it's because I only played that briefly after unlocking it and then never touched it again.
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