Xython 2014年6月8日 4時43分
What is your favourite character
I have played the game 100% before the new add-ons, being an achievement ♥♥♥♥♥ i have come back to get the latest achievements, preiovulsy I used jetpack to get all the achievements

I am struggling with finding these gold blocks and getting high enough scores.

My friend says ninja is better, I see his points as the jetpack guy is slow, Curious to find out what others use.
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Xython 2014年6月8日 5時18分 
just after posting this I played a game as ninja on factory and found the gold block around 22000 and then continued to get a score of about 36000, previously my highest score was 26000, so heaps excited, still interested to hear what other use
TheLordPwneth 2014年6月18日 23時23分 
I used to be a big fan of the Ninja, now I'm really loving the Jetpack :P
DJ Schway 2014年6月20日 4時33分 
I also just re-picked up the game after discovering there were more cheevos to get. Since I never really played with all the characters before I'm enjoying being able to play the bottom most ones. The laser guy seems cooll but his jumps are just too small. I've been sticking with the red skull one lately since he's all around average.
bkonig_10 2014年6月27日 22時59分 
Jetpack is best for the forest stage as it can fly over the saw. Other than that, I'm not sure which one I like best. I like the martial artist too.
StraightFlame 2014年7月5日 19時38分 
In my opinion Cape is the only one worth using. Say what you want about him being the starter guy and all that, but his slow fall makes the game at least somewhat playable pile of blocks just that little bit more maneuverable.
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Xython 2014年7月5日 20時01分 
I played the cape guy all the way through my first playthrough, I think each character definately have their own merits, It is awesome to see everyones favourites and how they all differ, I like that I change from jetpack to ninja and GodPwnsEverything did the reverse
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VIXVIMCMLXXXIX 2014年9月9日 3時07分 
Well, I'd say the best character is the Astronaut. He floats, can attack VERY fast, has a charge shot, and isnt too terribly slow, IMO he's more more versatile than pretty much half the cast. but whatever, im just a guy with half a million points on sadistic sattelite :P
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