vgp Jul 7 @ 1:21am
Some gameplay mechanics questions
I 'd like your help on how this game works.
First I understood that you have to collect jewels to go to next level. But when does these jewels spam ? Is it totally random ? Maybe it depends on your level, or the number of blocks deleted ?
With the steam achievments i know how to unlock characters but I still don't understand how to unlock challenges. I had the spikes and drill unlocked but I don't even know why.
Inside the game, when box falling, you just have to shoot them to make your level grow a little. There's nothing more to do with them (something more powerfull) ?

Otherwise that's a great game.


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monsterpancake Jul 7 @ 7:25am 
Jewels drop randomly however I believe they drop more frequently the higher your level. The challenge unlocks are also linked to your level. Boxes are kind of like "garbage blocks" in other puzzle games...they are mostly just filler however they can block guns and be useful, too.
vgp Jul 8 @ 1:11am 
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