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Brawloe Square Map
by RprMorgana
A simplified map of Barlowe Square (above ground only)...
Contagion :: Wwise Sound System Guide
by Tatsur0
This Guide will attempt to help users learn and implement sounds using Wwise which replaces MILES for our already growing Workshop/Modding community for Contagion which is based off a heavily modified version of the Source Engine....
Contagion SDK Tutorial - The Hunt
by ALPHA | DeRaNgEr
In this tutorial I will go over all the basics that are required to create a full fledged map for "The Hunt" Game mode....
Dedicated Servers || Contagion
by Frengler
Comfortable setting up a Source engine server but want to know more about the Contagion specific cvars and settings? This guide will attempt to collect the data in one place but also gives a basic understanding of how to set up a server....
Escaping Roanoke PD
by Kavex
All the little tips for escaping Roanoke PD each time....
A Noob's Guide for the HUNTED Game Type
by Sia
General Knowledge and some tips and tricks for the "Hunted" game type....
Русификация Contagion
by Desty
Хорошо известно, что в будущем разработчики введут другие языки в игру (в том числе и русский), но многим не хочется ждать! Поэтому я сделал в...
The Basics of Contagion
by NeoAssassin
A quick overview of controls, game modes, features, and other important tips for a new player jumping into the game for the first time....
Основы игры [Russian edition] [Пополняется]
Создано для русскоязычного сообщества...
Contagion Damage Chart
by *Sam
This is a damage chart for the contagion weapons, detailing the damage each weapon will do to different parts of the body. The chart is current as of 24/1/2014 (Splash image from