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Tatsur0  [developer] Apr 14 @ 3:07am
Contagion Developers - What's next? (Updated 06/05/2014)
We've tried this 2x before but it's hard to work on a project while also keeping an accurate list of things we're working on up to date. Still we will continue to try as many are curious about quite a lot-

What is being worked on right now?
  • Survivor & Zombie AI
  • Overall Character improvements (Mesh, Skinning, Textures, and Animations)
  • CE_Biotec (Escape)
  • Linux & Mac Platforms (including server binaries)
  • New Melee System
  • New Layered Animation system for our latest Mocap animation
  • A 'REAL' working Split-Screen option without the work previous games required.
  • Localization
  • Improved SourceMod/MetaMod support (They've been great and working hard on it)
  • Our first Free DLC Bundle (Includes 4 new characters, 4 new weapons, 2 new maps, and 1 new game-mode "Flatline" a more robust wave based Survival mode that has been a huge want from the community since before Kickstarter heh)
  • More... (sometimes forget what's right in front of me but will try and add to list whenever possible)

When will it be ready?
Hoping to get additional improvements, animations, and more done for AI as well as a few other tweaks like flinching from gun fire (don't worry player zombies this will not change the game-play negatively in anyways for you).

We are hoping to finish prototyping our Mini-Mods and possibly Steam Workshop for the following weeks update. More details on "Mini-Mods" later

Anything done and worth mentioning?
  • Contagion Panic Game-modes (Still being tested this time with the community playing a larger role)
  • Steam Workshop

Do you have plans to work on more?
Of course! Won't claim anything listed below is cemented. Meaning can't guarantee we will definitely release but are pretty confident in most.

  • Rank & Weapon Unlock System that was bolster Co-op and not hurt other game-modes giving players an edge over others.
  • Oculus Rift/OVR Support (In the hands of our Programmer)
  • Steam Machine Support (In the hands of our Programmer)
  • Steamworks Support (Focus on cosmetics. No Pay2Win)
  • Possible Stats
  • More Achievements (especially with the release of our Free DLC Bundles)
  • Finalizing Nvidia 3D support
  • AI Bots for SP and more.
  • Retail Box Copies (Looking into it now with a publisher but not guaranteed)
  • Contagion OST
  • Probably the least likely just due to costs and the work involved as well as being limited to PS3 & 360 as the Source Engine is not supported on any later generation consoles. Console Releases.

There is actually a considerable amount not listed either because I'll need to go over the latest updates to GDD/minutes/etc or track down the old GDD that's on one of my 10 HDDs stored away/conversation logs (also saved and stored), or because we're not ready to mention it/won't be going in :)

We hope this gives some of you an idea of the work load and reassures others that we're not just gonna up and disappear like so many. But you'll have to stick around to see if we keep our promise. The budget is there for most, not all so we'll be doing our best to keep at it.
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Tatsur0  [developer] Jun 5 @ 6:21pm 
Updated with noteworthy updates.
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