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darkness 2013年9月30日下午2:55
anyone find a cyclops visor
it shoots lasers across the screen but i couldnt hit anything with it for some reason
最后由 darkness 编辑于; 2013年9月30日下午2:55
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sere 2013年9月30日下午3:05 
find them all the time. they tend to only hit enemies at your eye level so don't expect to push back garage doors full of snakes or goblins. it works great for anything as big as the player or larger since it has stopping power; not even a cyclops can advance much against the current of the laser beam.

it works well if you find your niche use for it but don't expect its role to be delivering the killing blows.

最后由 sere 编辑于; 2013年9月30日下午3:06
Sinxar 2013年9月30日下午4:45 
I find them quite often as well. They are extremely weak for how awesome they look though.
I found one last night. Check my screenies :)
Ṭoyoka 2013年10月3日下午12:00 
I have found them to be mostly useless. Even upgrading them with the blacksmith seems futile :(
Landozelig 2013年10月3日下午3:57 
I prefer the kitty, with "frickin laser beams" coming out of it's eyes. Same problem though - it doesn't hit short things.
sere 2013年10月3日下午6:03 
they are great againts warlocks/evil warlocks, cyclops in that the lasers cause knockback and kill the floating skulls they might cast. it takes longer but it's very useful when you need to dispatch tougher enemies early while remaining absolutely safe.

assumes also havent found a good spell yet.
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Legend of Dungeon > 综合讨论 > 主题详情
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