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Multiple Languages Support
Are you planning on translating the game to other languages? For instance, by asking the community's help to do it.

Portuguese guy here. :D
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Cap'n Robot  [開発者] 2013年10月2日 17時24分 
Not a lot of text, so shouldn't be hard. Probably at some point.
News....? Will transalte in Italian...
If you translate it to german I could help you with that one.
hexaae 2015年5月29日 23時00分 
So what...?
Cap'n Robot  [開発者] 2015年7月19日 15時03分 
crazy busy lately.. this might happen someday, but too much else going on at the moment. :rainbowfart:
hexaae 2016年9月13日 10時27分 
Still waiting...

A reminder for developers
It's important today to use an easily editable format for the string files (e.g. simple plain XML UTF-8 text files, adopted by other successful games like Divinity:Original Sin). Hard-coding everything in the exe or custom (compressed) data files should be a deprecable practice, blocking any translation's hope. Especially for small budget software houses, the fan community can really help providing other additional languages or corrections at virtually no cost, but these localization files need to be easily accessible and editable and all charmaps with special chars supported.
hexaae 2016年12月18日 11時27分 
Still nothing after 3 years
最近の変更はhexaaeが行いました; 2016年12月18日 11時27分
Cap'n Robot  [開発者] 2016年12月19日 10時37分 
Still a lot going on. Life is complicated, adding language support to LoD isn't really on my todo list. That's why I said it might happen someday... might not.
That's bad, we are in 2017. Time to think to multilanguage games (with the help of community if budget is limited)
We don't give up... Please add multilanguage support! :P
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1-11 / 11 のコメントを表示
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Legend of Dungeon > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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