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creektrout 2013年9月29日 15時42分
How do you input a name?
I can't figure out how to change the name of your character from "player 1". Can't find it in the options or menu, is this something you do in the tavern?
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Sinxar 2013年9月29日 16時08分 
Options -> click on "Player 1". Type or use the onscreen keyboard and press "Enter" or click "Done" on the onscreen keyboard.
creektrout 2013年9月29日 16時51分 
Quanrian 2013年10月2日 11時30分 
Okay, I tried that. I cannot click on Player 1. This is really frustrating... I edited the names in the local highscores but this is a very dumb way to name a character. Why am I not just able to pick it from the start rather than editing it?

Well I found it and it's not what you said but maybe you're referring to an earlier version. Currently, you have to go into Controller Setup then you click on the Player1 if you're just playing by yourself and that will change the name... I'm still not changing my mind about how unintuitive this process is but I have seen worse and at least I did not have to edit any files.
最近の変更はQuanrianが行いました; 2013年10月2日 11時45分
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