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LinkTech (Заблокирован) 13 сен. 2013 в 18:59
Will buy once it has network multiplayer.
Got a group of friends watching this like a hawk waiting for real multiplayer. Till then it can sit and wait.
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You'll be waiting forever then..
I'd like to see that happen. Missed opportunity for them if not.
LinkTech (Заблокирован) 13 сен. 2013 в 19:12 
We have plenty of games to play. Just one of those things that would have been nice to play together but not worth our time individually.

Theres been other topics about this and its never going to happen. It never reached the kickstarter goal for online multplayer.
DUDEBRO gamers waiting for developer to remake a game from the ground up to support networking, how quaint.
I guess they should just stop making single player games altogether~
Wait.. this game has no steamworks/online coop? Whoo, glad I thought to check the forums before buying :) I'll be off to somewhere else then..
Has real multiplayer. You want networked multiplayer.
What a backwards♥♥♥♥♥statement. Not every game need multiplayer and this game is plenty fun without it.
This game is awesome, and hopefully after everything else is in the game we can see a bit of online multiplayer. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one.
there are a lot of games I don't buy unless they have online multiplayer. With something like this, not having online multiplayer just ruins a lot of the fun. Not everyone has loads of friends they can play with IRL.
People can be real ♥♥♥♥♥♥s expecting more out of something all the time
A lot of people are disappointed it doesnt have online multiplayer.. you cant really blame them. Someone hit the nail on the head earler.. missed opportunity from the devs. Would have sold a lot more otherwise and that's the basic fact. Don't jump down people throats for stating the obvious. We are glad you are enjoying the game on your own and arent saying that game is bad.
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