DiceDizzle Jan 2 @ 1:13am
There's no run/sprint feature is there?
Sorry if you find this question to be nooby but im curious.

Enjoy your gaming.
Have a great time.Happy New year!
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Radish Jan 2 @ 1:20am 
Get some of them nimble hats and weapons to quench your need for speed! Some of them make you go even too fast, I daresay. But no, no sprint button that I know of.
Happy new year!
DiceDizzle Jan 2 @ 1:42am 
Thanks buddy,I definitely hope to find one of those. :) Enjoy your day.

He answered my question for me.
Unless theres any more tips for me please don't troll.
and have a nice day.
pinecow Jan 12 @ 10:01am 
Coffe hat)
EL_Ghosty Jan 13 @ 6:11pm 
wizard hat turned my pen into a wand n i was shooting green lasers
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