Master Jun 1 @ 7:28am
Savegame sometimes still buggy and will not allow to be continued
I still play from time to time and use the savegame feature as I just play for some time and like to continue later on.
But it seems that the save game is sometimes not loadable as the option to resume a game is just not available. The save.txt is there but the game is not interested in reloading it. Today when I tried to continue there was only a 15 minute play break between two save states (one was loadable and the second one 15 mintes later was not anymore loadable). All I did in the mean time was to return to a item shop and buy two items.
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Master Jun 3 @ 9:02am 
This has maybe to do with the following two items:
remote control or random summon wizard book.
Both were available at the shop and after I bought them the game wasn't reloadable anymore
Cap'n Robot  [developer] Jun 4 @ 10:59am 
Thank you so much! one of those might be where the trouble is... did you end up using the random book?
Master Jun 4 @ 12:32pm 
Jup I used it as I wanted to find out what it did. And I didn't use the remote control. I'll try to narrow it down some more for you. Brb playtesting :)
Master Jun 4 @ 12:52pm 
You were right. Using the wizard tome was the problem. Buying it and changing screens did nothing. But once used and the savegame went unloadable. Remote control on the other hand was no problem at all.

I found another bug. When the game loads (as the screen turns from white to black before the logo) it will do once the attack sound of the current (or last) used attack weapon.
I tested it with a hocus pocus tome.
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Cap'n Robot  [developer] Jun 4 @ 1:12pm 
Awesome, thanks a ton!
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