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Just looking for some details about the game :3
1 - Replayability = Is it Like Terraria and Your Character is Across Multiple Maps
2 - Is it actively developed and not going to be put down when it achieves full potential <Ekhm, Andy Spinks, no offence>
3 - IS IT FUN GOD DAMMIT? :P (It has sharks so Rawr prolly it is :3)
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LadyAijou Aug 20, 2013 @ 8:50am 
I'll take your questions one at a time:

1) Yes, you can bring your characters to any map you wish. Down the road, in multiplayer, that part will be up to the server, whether they allow old chars or require a fresh start.

2) Yes, the game is actively developed, and will continue to be so, including a massive mod support patch just after launch. Also, please do not make personal remarks about Andrew, he is a good friend of ours and avid supporter of EoS. Further, the new patch for Terraria is not far off at all, so the old arguments about it being "abandoned" just simply don't hold water.

3) We have players that have put in over 100 hours already, we'll let you decide ~.^
I finally found a developer that cares about the game and responds to me ^^ for that i thank you, and I am heading over to the store :p
Oh and i dont mean to offend Andrew he made a hell of a game which gave me countless hours of fun. Hope EoS will too :D
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