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LadyAijou  [개발자] 2013년 8월 14일 오전 10시 49분
Wednesday Fan Feature - 8/14/13
Each week, we are going to be picking a fan feature from the community. We'll be on the lookout for great youtube vids, Let's Play's, livestream, fan art and more. Our first fan feature is an outstanding tutorial video by weemcast. If you're feeling lost in Edge of Space, we highly recommend you check it out!

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mikeweem 2013년 8월 14일 오전 10시 58분 
I really enjoyed (and continue to enjoy) playing Edge of Space, and the video was just as fun to make. I'm happy to see it here and I hope it continues to help those who are just getting started ;)
Mahoosive 2013년 8월 14일 오전 11시 56분 
Good idea and nice video weem. Looking forward to seeing more fan-oriented content being recognized each week.
Bad_Brainz 2013년 8월 14일 오후 12시 32분 
This is a great guide, good job man...it definitely deserves to be focused on by this new fan feature.
mikeweem 2013년 8월 18일 오전 12시 18분 
Thanks for the words - they are much appreciated ;) I just did a very random video which has me chasing materials/items through 7 different games (again, in one video), one of which is Edge of Space! If you are interested, you can see it here...

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