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COFFEESPANKS  [developer] Jun 28, 2013 @ 6:07pm
Bonus Content for Special Edition/Standard Edition
I first want to make it clear that these incentives will be provided upon the launch of the game, not during early access. Once the game launches these in game items will be available to your character from the very start of the game.

The First Responder armor is a pre-order item that will be issued to everyone who buys the game before its full launch no matter where they buy it. The exception to this is in the Special Edition. The armor will come with the Special Edition no matter when it is purchased

Standard Edition:
Reduced price: 12.99 instead of the full 14.99 price point (during early access)
First Responder Armor: an enhanced armor set for better protection

Special Edition:
First Responder Armor
Sugar Glider Pet: Glides around the character and picks up items that you cant reach
Upgraded Pickaxe - Diggs faster!
PDF Artbook
Edge of Space Soundtrack

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