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System Shock 2 Modding Guide
by Saleck
Mods. From texture upgrades to total conversions, they can make old games look and feel brand new again. Here's a selection of some of the best ones out there as well as how to apply them. You'll also learn about Fan Missions here and how to play ...
System Shock 2 - How to play co-op mode
by Saleck
Shock 2's coop mode was made in 1999 and has problems working nowadays. Fortunately, It's still possible to play. Here's how you can do it....
Универсальное Руководство
by GhostyAkaPrizrak
Кооп-игра, моддинг, переводы, помощь с прохождением, секреты, история и многое другое в этом руководстве!...
Traducción al Español - System Shock 2
by Wartinald
Con esta traducción creada por Arkero99 y Darkpadawan podrás jugar a System Shock 2 en castellano...
Русификатор Текст+Звук!!!
by ☆Pacifist☭☮
Нашёл очень хороший русификатор!!Играть стало одно удовольствие!! ...
Golden Book Guide to Using a 360 Controller
by yes! no?
Haxor your System Shock 2 'sperience by enabling x360 control module....
XBOX 360 Controller Support - How you can challenge a perfect, immortal machine from your couch
by OptimusPrime
Every now and then players choose to play their favorite games with a controller, but there is no controller support given, so what to do? There is a tool called Xpadder wich allows you to configure you Controller for each and every game. You can bind ...
Come patchare il gioco in Italiano (Edizione Steam)
by Ernix
Ecco una piccola guida per mostrare a tutti voi fan Italiani di System Shock 2 come patchare il gioco perfettamente in italiano....
SS2 Modding Guide
by Bethlemos
I was quite surprised that there is no specific guide on steam on how to patch and or mod System Shock 2 to modern standards as well as to upgrade it to the community's wishes. Therefore, I'm not providing a full guide here but listing the source of the ...
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